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FlorLok Parquet Floor - Somerset

Price: £1000 ono including VAT
FlorLok Parquet Floor
Price: £1000 ono including VAT
Flor Lok Brown Parquet Floor with silver edging. 15 x 14
With 11 additional panels - needing some repair
2 trolleys
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Wood Interlocking Floor - West Sussex

Price: £2500 +VAT ono
wooden flooring
Price: £2500 +VAT ono
9x35/40m wood interlocking floor boards 40x40ft is phenlock used as a dance floor

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Grid Mat Flooring - West Sussex

Price: £3 including VAT
Grid Mat Flooring
Price: £3 including VAT
Grid mat flooring mainly grey but some green and black and white, 5 pallets apprx 300+ sheets apprx. 1x1m sq.
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Price: £11.50 +VAT
Interlocking Flooring or Trackway PRO TRACK NEW
Pro-Track® is superior portable roadway, tough enough to withstand the heavy impact of trucks, aircraft, earth-moving equipment, machinery and cars while providing premium grass protection. This durable flooring can also be used as garage flooring tiles and temporary paths, is quick and easy to install and accommodates uneven ground.
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Price: £320 +VAT
Roll of 4mx50m in Cianti Red. Other colours subject to availability.
Never opened or used. Excess to requirements. Limited storage forces sale.
Hurry, as "Once it's gone, it's gone!"
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Price: £40 ono VAT Free
Octanorm double floor - heavy duty event flooring system. 32 x 1m square blocks and 3 x 75cmx1m available.
£40 per 1m square block, price negotiable for full system
Large and small metal support legs also available - £5/leg
Two ramps also for sale to fit with system - £250 each
Final picture shows full set up (inflatable also available)
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Price: £600 +VAT
2m x 1m Chequer plate flooring cassettes ex Land Rover (Military) exhibition stands capable of supporting heavy military Land Rovers.

Each 2 m² cassette would cost over £250 to custom build. On offer are eight cassettes making a 4 m x 4 m (16 m²) display plinth.

As can be seen the chequer plate is in very good, little used condition.

The cassettes have provision for underfloor cabling.

The chequer plate is 3 mm thick mounted on 18 mm ply and 3 inch by 2 inch beam sub base so immensely strong.

Price for a 16 m² plinth/floor.
Price: £1 +VAT ono
An interlocking jigsaw tile that can benefit just about any application. The most versatile matting product on the market - Unused condition.

Non-slip tile with a cellular structure that gives excellent durability and comfort. With it’s unique puzzle join they are very quick and simple to install - there’s no special skills or tools needed and there’s no costly base works required either.

PennyLokTM is perfect for protecting floors - whether in a large factory or just the floor in your garage. They are designed to absorb shock and noise, are suitable for all weathers and extreme temperatures. And to cap it all, CheckerLokTM is fully wheelchair, pushchair and trolley accessible.

PennyLokTM vinyl tiles are high quality, durable and fire resistant and should not be confused with the cheaper foam alternatives.

Specification: 500mm x 500mm x 12mm thick
Material: vinyl

Price is per tile / per sq/m (each tile is 0.25 square meters) RRP £6.50 Per sq/m
Price: £6 +VAT
Dimension: Several rolls of astro turf with 2m and 4m width and from 7m to 10 mts in length.

Price: £6/sq mt
Price: £7150 ono VAT Free
This floor will make approx 190m2. 764 tiles in total, each one is 0.5m2. It has only been used twice. Some tiles have countersunk bolts in them to allow fixings to be added. There are a couple (only two that we have seen, checked on 27/11/14) that have small bits of damage, though doesn't effect the use. Some tiles have remains of tape on them.

Comes with a massive box of connectors, plus there is more of them on the pallets. The connectors just push in the corners of each tile and the lugs hold it all together.

Serious stuff, costing well over £14,000 when new. On the manufacturers webpage you can see footage of a ridged lorry driving across it, the floor takes the weight and doesn't come apart. Its a great design unlike some of the cheaper alternatives that can be found on the market.

Only reason its for sale is lack of space, and we have new equipment coming in the spring so need to find room!

Serious offers considered. No VAT

Sold 200x Carpet Tiles - South Yorkshire

Price: £110 VAT Free
Buy Used Exhibition carpet tiles 90s
Price: £110 VAT Free
500mm x 500mm exhibition carpet tiles - previously used - in light brown/beige.

Sold in 1 lot only - will not split.

£110 for the lot
Price: £6 +VAT
Board size 120mm x 28mm £6 per sq. metre

Treated timber bearers 100mm x 45mm 70p per metre

Can deliver up to 4000 sq metres available mostly 5 metre lengths with various under sizes

Used once for short outdoor event
Pressure Treated Timber Decking - Swindon, Wiltshire
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