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Meroform M12 Tube and Node System - Devon

Price: £2000 £900 ono including VAT
Meroform M12 Tube and Node System
Meroform M12 is an exhibition stand and display construction system based on the concept of interconnecting tubes and ball-like nodes. The Meroform M12 system allows for the creation of anything from simple to highly elaborate display structures via the use of standard components.
The use of steel and aluminium components, combined with economy of structure, means that exhibition stands and displays created with the Meroform M12 System are lightweight but extremely durable and possess impressive load-bearing capacity.

£2000 £900 ono including VAT

Meroform M12 Tube and Node System
| Ref #: 64eb15a2bbf9
Here we have a Nimlok Exhibition Display System comes complete in its own specialised storage crate. It is used but mostly in a very good condition one side panel is damaged but not noticeable once up. There might be a couple of joints missing for the front desk and the keys to the cupboards, but these are easily replaceable, although hasn't affected our used for the last few years. Cost nearly £20000 15 years ago so a bargain now. Comes with lighting system as well. Also full instruction book and can be shown how to construct on collection.

£1350 £1215 ono VAT Free

Nimlok Exhibition Display System
| Ref #: abb4bef7ac7f
I'm looking for a lightweight system that is easy to transport
AND 75 1 Metre X 1 metre boards


Exhibition Panels (Panel and Pole System ) (Shell Scheme System )
| Ref #: 8024b260b1fe
This sale is for 10 large portrait office screens that I bought from Panel Warehouse originally.
Each screen is boxed and comes with support feet and the screens can be used individually or linked together using link strips that you can buy from Panel Warehouse. I used the screens for an exhibition showing artwork but they are usually used for pop up spaces or to create private areas in large spaces for meetings etc.
The screens are covered by a fabric called Nyloop and are pinnable (it's very easy to attach posters etc). The fabric covers were passed for fire retardancy when I bought them and came with an SGS certificate.

£200 +VAT

10x Large Black Display Panels 1200x1800mm
| Ref #: ffca33c01f52
HFA Removals
The panels are covered in a polyweave fabric (velcro compatible for attaching graphics) - colours available Gun Metal Grey, Red, Black.
All panels have been recently refurbished and are in excellent condition and are for sale at a discount of at least 60% of the manufacturer's RRP.
The principle panel sizes available are
  • AOP 48ins wide x 37.5ins high, AIP 24ins high x 37.5ins high
  • AOH 48ins wide x 7.5ins high, AIH 24ins wide x 7.5ins high
Various heights can be achieved by using a combination of the above panels


Marler Haley Multiscreen Exhibition Display Panels for Sale
| Ref #: 840c8758b58d
10 x Nimlok display panel units in excellent condition.
Easy to assemble and transport and can be set up in minutes with no previous experience of the system required.
Would be suitable for societies or local communities who wish to put on small displays.
Boards can also be used to partition rooms and act as screens.
Price: £70.00 per unit (ex VAT) including poles and clips.
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£70 +VAT

Nimlok Display Panels
| Ref #: c104c939608b

Sold Nimlok Trade Show Panels - Brighton, Sussex

Price: £120 ono including VAT
Nimlok Trade Show Panels For Sale
I have for sale 14 Nimlok Trade Show Display Panels
5 * 1200mm * 1200mm
6 * 1200mm * 600mm
3 * 900mm * 600mm
They are all black on one side, if they look scruffy it is only because they still have their protective film on, they are all in very good condition
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£120 ono including VAT

Nimlok Trade Show Panels For Sale
| Ref #: 1be5d4cb65f4
Plastic folding table top display panels in blue velcro.

Each panel set comes with canvas carry bag.
Still in original cardboard box - Never used.
Would suit representatives' pop up portable display kit

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£75 VAT Free

Table top display pannels
| Ref #: 7b3011b5b938
Best part of £100 new. We have now bought into a slightly different variant, these heavy duty freestanding screens are 1800mm x 1200mm in a deep blue. Comes with associated feet.
£30+VAT each or £25+VAT for 10+
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£25 +VAT

30x Freestanding Screens
| Ref #: e026ac51cb95
This system is ideal to be hired out to your clients as it has carry cases to protect the panels and they can either put up themselves or you can do this for them. There are slatwall panels so the client can hang items using Eurohooks. Loop nylon panels are frameless so you can run graphics flush across the joins.
The stand can be re configured for your clients needs picture shows 6mtr x 4mtr x 2.4mtr high but there are still lots of spare poles and panels this was a configuration I had done for a client.
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£3000 +VAT

Clip Pole and Panels
| Ref #: 978b2a958a51
I have a stock of 8 Expolinc Roll up classic banner stands (still have used banners in them) for sale... Great condition rarely used by previous owners.. These retail as £200+ each!!!!!!
Colour is silver... size is 850mm width.. condition real good minor scuff here and there but not highly visible.. Comes with each individual case.. would prefer to sell as one sale not individual.
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£300 ono VAT Free

expolinc banner displays
| Ref #: 54107650a311
3 Types of exhibition clips for sale
1) Nimlok twist and lock plastic clips for 32mm diameter pole from £0.50 per clip
2) Opto metal clips for 25mm diameter pole. These clips are designed to be screwed onto the panel sides of the exhibition boards £0.50 per clip
3) Newly developed plastic clip for 25mm diameter pole. These clips are new and are designed to be screwed onto the panels sides of the exhibition boards. £1.75 per clip.

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£0.50 +VAT

Exhibition Clips For Sale - Nimlok - Opto - 25mm Pole Clip
| Ref #: 90134af0a009
47 x light weight exhibition panels covered in Kingfisher blue loop nylon, Velcro compatible
Panels 1000mm high x 750mm wide, these clip together with poles supplied
6 x Light weight hinged matching door panels 1000mm high x 750mm wide
6 x Worktops with hole tidy
34 x Light weight header panels 750mm wide x 250mm high
6 x Red carry cases

£650 +VAT

Job Lot Exhibition / Display Panels
| Ref #: 1391e8820a6d
Mobile presentation / Display boards in carrying cases and 5 mobile signposts.

3 various portable presentation / notice boards approx 6FT X 6FT and 5 mobile signposts.

Direct from local university, top quality.

All in very good used condition.

£395 +VAT ono

Sasco Modular Display Boards in Carry Cases
| Ref #: c6d68d3b54ec

Sold 30m x Clip Modular Panel System - North London

Price: £4500 VAT Free
30m x Clip Modular Panel System
30 running metres of 2.0 x 1.0m( Blue/grey) loop nylon panels

Plus assorted knee hole panels, 1.0 x 1.0m black table tops (approximately). six of each)
Slatted literature shelf panel 1.0m x 1.0m plus shelving (light grey)
One A/V panel to house small 20”monitor 1.0 x 1.0m (Blue)
One 2.0m x 1.0m Lockable door panel (Blue)
One 1.0m x 1.0m back projection screen panel (Blue)
27 No. 1.0m x 250mm header panels (blue/ grey)
Three No. bags of 1.0m Clip poles male/female (blue /grey/black)

£4500 VAT Free

30m x Clip Modular Panel System
| Ref #: d47b0071c192

Sold Nimlok Trade Show Display Panels - Brighton, Sussex

Price: £200 ono including VAT
Nimlok Display Panels For Sale
I have for sale 29 Nimlok Display Panels
12 * 900mm High * 600mm Wide
17 * 300mm High * 600mm Wide
They are in extremely good condition
They all have a matching grey marble affect on one side
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£200 ono including VAT

Nimlok Display Panels For Sale
| Ref #: 5906d4054fa3
Versatile Plex display/screen system comprising lightweight double-sided panels finished in velcro-friendly burgundy-coloured fabric with black plastic borders, portrait or landscape orientation, plus lightweight black-finished aluminium poles and feet, complete with carrying bags. Please note, photo shows only some of the panels and poles in use in a sample configuration. Actual total quantities of items included for sale are as follows:
Total original cost exceeds £1100. Secondhand but well looked-after.
Not recommended for outdoor use - photo taken in garden for reasons of space and lighting!
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£350 VAT Free

Versatile Plex display/screen system
| Ref #: 731d85abca7d

Sold Marler Hayley Exhibition Boards - Mersyside

Price: £300 £270 +VAT ono
Marler Hayley exhibition display with desk
Marler Hayley poster display and product display boards including product display desk complete with protection carrying cases.

A professional display system for exhibitions and fairs in good condition.

Movable wings allow flexibility size adjustment from 4' wide to 8' wide and it is 7' high.

Can be displayed as all green or green and yellow with reversible joining panels as per photograph.

£300 £270 +VAT ono

Marler Hayley exhibition display with desk
| Ref #: 659446d60eb6
3x3 Pop Up kit with black velcro-compatible panels, x2 lights, and a portable display case with wheels that fits in the boot of your car.
Assembles in 10 minutes (lights may need a bit of TLC). This really is a dream to set up and take down, and it's appropriate for use at either a professional trade fair or your local school's Christmas market. I've used it at both and it's fabulous.
Simply attach male velcro strips to the back of your pictures or graphics and up they go. I hope you'll enjoy the youtube link provided here which shows just how easy this is to assemble (please note, my kit does not have the 'endcap' panels or the 'sinatra panel' with the extra piece of velcro to create a table).
Click on this link to see the youtube video

£125 VAT Free

3x3 Pop Up kit
| Ref #: f3016bac77a2
  • 16 boards - 120cm x 180cm
  • 15 boards - 120cm x 210cm
Come with poles bases but does not come with plastic connector clips. This can however be bought separately.
These have seen a lot of action in the past but will serve the purpose when covered.
£20 for the Lot including all poles and bases
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£20 +VAT

Poster Boards Plus poles and Bases
| Ref #: cb85adcd8287

Sold Clip Display Panels - Lincolnshire

Price: £5000 +VAT ono
Clip Display Panels
A large quantity of Clip Display panels in various sizes. Pictures below of how some of the panels can be used as stands.

Value as new of over £28,000.00.

This is ex-hire stock from an exhibition company.

Comes with connecting poles.

Wheeled carry cases are also included in this sale.

Click here for more info and contact details......

£5000 +VAT ono

Clip Display Panels
| Ref #: 949f1e97dcf3
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