Sold 190m2 Expedition Expo Trade Show Eco Floor Tiles - Wellingborough, Northants


This floor will make approx 190m2. 764 tiles in total, each one is 0.5m2. It has only been used twice. Some tiles have countersunk bolts in them to allow fixings to be added. There are a couple (only two that we have seen, checked on 27/11/14) that have small bits of damage, though doesn't effect the use. Some tiles have remains of tape on them.

Comes with a massive box of connectors, plus there is more of them on the pallets. The connectors just push in the corners of each tile and the lugs hold it all together.

Serious stuff, costing well over £14,000 when new. On the manufacturers webpage you can see footage of a ridged lorry driving across it, the floor takes the weight and doesn't come apart. Its a great design unlike some of the cheaper alternatives that can be found on the market.

Only reason its for sale is lack of space, and we have new equipment coming in the spring so need to find room!

Serious offers considered. No VAT

Delivery notes

Collection only from Podington, Wellingborough, Northants.NN29 7XA

It will need collecting on a 7.5 tonne lorry at least, it is quite heavy, about 5 pallets worth. We can help with loading. forklift on site.

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