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Stage Concepts have a large selection of pre-packaged truss exhibition stands and display booths. These are complete 'ready to go' systems from the Alustage truss range, which include all necessary fixtures and fittings. We also offer a full range of accessories for you to personalise your chosen system, from vinyl printed banners, display screens, lighting and smoke effects units, stage decks, stand furniture, drapes and curtains to full performance audio systems.

£1400 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10
Makes a great quick good looking room divider
Can be put up in a couple of minutes with 2 people and 2 or more can be joined together with the magnetic strips
Extends to 4.5m or 15’ and is 305 cm wide
Will come in a purpose made wooden box and is about 4” thick when folded up

£800 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
Flightcase full of pieces of T3 stand
The pieces originally made the attached drawing and are all still there.
Has only been used once
You will be able to make other shapes etc or add to your existing stock

£500 +VAT

We offer a full design and supply service for Tri, Quad, Ladder Trussing systems.
We have a large selection of pre packaged stands and display booths designed specifically for the trade show and exhibition market. These are complete 'ready to go' systems from the fantastic Duratruss range, which include all necessary fixtures and fittings.
We also offer a full range of accessories for you to personalise your chosen system, from vinyl printed banners, display screens, lighting and smoke effects units, stage decks, stand furniture, drapes and curtains.
If a pre packaged unit does not offer what you're after, we can custom design systems to your exact requirements through our UK manufacturer, so please call us to discuss your needs.

£1000 +VAT each

| Quantity: 30
This trussing makes a W3.95m x D3.88m x H3m exhibition stand. As pictured this would be perfect for a car show room. The truss is 40cm square quad truss so is nice and burly. It is James Thomas squarelite truss.
Included in the sale is everything required to build the picture design.
Will make a great stand for someone but is surplus to our needs.

£1500 £900 VAT Free ono

Job lot of Zero/Z-Frame. Great to create trusses, gantries, or entrances to stands or to enclose an otherwise empty stand. Quite a few of the pieces would need recoating as they have pitted hence low price. Some of the larger posts can be taken apart to form smaller posts.
Posts 2m, 1.25m, 1m, 0.75m and 0.5m

£400 VAT Free

| Quantity: 107
A highly customisable and versatile exhibition system. It has been used from large custom open three side stands to smaller shell scheme stands. The Octanorm Classic system is easy to install with just one Allen key needed.

£7995 VAT Free ono

Four 40 foot shipping containers ready to go restaurant or event space, brand new in 2018, single use to date. Fully joined as a single space with windows and 6 sets of bifold doors, electrics and emergency lighting. Huge roof terrace spanning 3 of the containers with fully health and safety compliant handrails, staircase and non slip flooring. Can be delivered and installed if required. Can be viewed in Liverpool. Shipping containers are adaptable, secure, deployable to just about any location and will withstand the knocks that events bring, your customers will love the spaces and give you additional capacity when you need it. They are suitable for a variety of uses including restaurants, bars, event space, exhibition space, DJ booth, nightclub, classroom, office a one stop solution for your needs. Lighting and power run from a main supply or generator.

£40000 £30000 +VAT

Very large stock of poster display boards with over 200m of walling. Ideal as hire stock for small and large events at exhibition and conference centres, universities, schools, hotels etc. A good opportunity for any one wanting to start a business in poster board hire or an existing exhibition company that would like to expand its own stock and services. This is incredible value as to buy this amount of equipment new you would need to pay in excess of £60,000.

£7500 +VAT ono

This system can make 30 exhibition booths. You can make each booth one of the following sizes:-
4' x 4' 8' x 4'
8' x 8' 12' x 8'
This obviously depends on exhibitors requirements. These could be used for craft fairs, wedding fairs, trade shows etc.
Each booth is free standing and is made from velcro friendly material and can be branded with the fascia / name boards.

£3000 £2250 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 30
The stand comprises steel and aluminium frame which supports the graphics panels.
The framework can be easily constructed by one person in about an hour.
The graphics are attached by velcro / magnets giving a seamless finish.

£1250 VAT Free

Large stock of selected anodised aluminium profiles for building exhibition stands, temporary walling etc.
Boxed and in good condition. Selling as job lot.
18x Round upright poles 3m High, 119x Round Upright poles 2.4m High, 307x Z45 Rails.
2x Doors with locks and keys, 50x Lights
Would cost new £15,000

£2950 +VAT

Steel shop fittings that are fantastic to fit on to any surface of any size.
Built in 1m sections giving the flexibility to utilise every inch of space.
Comes complete with clothing bars to hang of the system

£2000 VAT Free

Made by Abex Display Systems USA
Modular Exhibition Stand (silver and black)
95" high x 15' square
Can be set up in a variety of patterns
Includes: lockable cabinets, lockable storage unit
Computer stands, computers etc. not included

£1000 +VAT

6m wide x 6.5m deep x 4m high
Includes storeroom with lockable door
Graphics not included
Chairs, TV etc. not included

£500 +VAT

Constructed of 30 steel frame panels measure 120cm x 100cm
Can be built 3 sections high (3.6m) or 4 sections high (4.8m)
Oval stand with central storage, shelf, door and secure lock and keys
Includes door section (2 panels including end piece)
Easily bolted together in situ
Brushed silver finish (personalised vinyl artwork can be added)

£500 +VAT

Grey painted wooden dome frame (temporary translucent panels installed for previous usage - material can be easily removed).
3580mm high x 5880mm wide

£750 +VAT

3mx2m pop up stand with 4 LED lights and podium stand. The podium acts as a useful storage and carry case.
The stand has only been used once for a 2 day exhibition and is in excellent condition.

£300 VAT Free ono

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