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Writing your advert

To make your advert as effective as possible we need as much information as possible to help you sell your exhibition equipment. Try to include the following information:

  • Title of advert - Try to describe your item and include any makers name and model number (if available). 
  • Description of item - This should include as much information as you can find out. For example the age and condition. Dimensions. If you can find any information from the manufacturers website include this as the better / longer the description the more likely you are to be found. 
  • Price - If you have multiple items, for example stand lights, please indicate if the price is per item or for a job lot.  
  • VAT - VAT registed companies can either choose to include VAT within the price or add it to the advertised price.  Most private induviduals should choose VAT free (i.e you don't charge VAT)
  • Location - Give us the postcode so we can include it to localise searches. Unless specified we will use your address from payment or company location.
  • Delivery notes - Advise buyer if you require them to collect the item or if you can deliver and at what cost, payment requirements.
  • Contact details - Provide a phone number and / or email address. (If you don't supply us with this information we will use the email address you have contacted us with and any phone number we have for you).

We also advise that you include key words in your advert, for example if you want your advert to appear when someone types in "folding stand" or "Pop up" you need to include the text "folding", Pop up" and "stand" within the title or body of the advert. 

Click here for our price list and instructions on how to advertise with us


To get the best interest, it is advised that you include the best photos you can get of your goods. A customer will base 90% of their purchasing decision on the first photograph they see. If you are selling a job lot of equipment, I would try and show all the items you are selling on the first photo. For example if you are selling ten exhibition lights, show all ten lights in the photograph. 

It could be worth getting a professional to take a photo of expensive items. Taking time photographing can make the diference between getting the best price for your advert or not.

You can have one or as many photos as you feel necessary to sell your advert (within reason).  If you have a plan of your unit or a brochure, we can attach it to your listing. 

If you are sending us a lot of photos it may be worth resizing them. We normally suggest at least 640 x 480 and no bigger than 1200 x 900 . Click here for information on how to resize your images

Tips and things to avoid:

  • Try to make the subject of your advert as large as possible in the photo and do not capture random objects or distracting backgrounds.
  • Avoid camera shake - Take your photographs in a well lit area or outside. If possible use a tripod, or alternatively rest your camera on a solid object like a chair.
  • Only use flash as a last resort - it will not flatter the subject of your photograph.
  • Make sure the photo is taken with the lighting from behind the photographer. Back lit objects often appear much darker. 
  • The best photos show at least two sides and the top with something in the photo for scale, you should be able to show every side of your equipment with two or three photos. Close ups are advisable to highlight any special features or to make buyers aware of any damaged areas.