Roneford Catering - London

Roneford Catering Equipment Wholesaler have three 4,000 sqft shop/showrooms, one in North London and three in Hertfordshire.
We have a huge amount of catering equipment in stock, new & used. Please phone for stock availability. National delivery available from £27.
Tel: 020 8801 8729 or 07932 750194 or Email:

Small Catering Equipment
192 Philip Lane
Tottenham -

Roneford Catering Equipment - London
Large Catering Equipment
11 Ducksbury Ind. Est

Roneford Catering Equipment - Charlton Mead
No3 Sedge Green
Waltham Abbey

Roneford Catering Equipment - Sedge Green
B Grade Wearhouse
No 4 Sedge Green
Waltham Abbey

B Grade catering stock
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Hoshizaki dim-30de ice cube dispensers
Dispenses cubed ice only
Brand new no box
Ex exhibition stock

£2055 +VAT

Ice cube dispenser for sale UK
| Ref #: 225b5b3466b1
Hoshizaki Dmc-60ke
Ice and water machine dispenser
Cubelet ice

£1720 +VAT

Ice and water machine for sale
| Ref #: 4496866668f8

2000x Dudson Best Ovals - London

Price: £1.99 +VAT
Dudson best ovals
Heavy duty hotels ware
A grade stock
Size 22.5cm wide by 17.5cm
Ideal for rice dish / side dish / starter plate / general side serving dish
Microwave safe / dishwasher/ ovenproof
£5.99 list price Over stocked £1.99 plus vat each

£1.99 +VAT

Dudson best ovals
| Ref #: 83bc037d967a
Gram - Eco plus 610Ltr Single S/St Door Upright Fridge
Model: ECO PLUS F 70 RAG
Grade A
Automatic door closing

£1603 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
| Ref #: e88c5761fbcb
Gram - Superior Plus Single Door Upright Refrigerator
Grade B
Material Stainless steel interior & exterior

£995 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
| Ref #: 7d02116e2bc9
Gram - 125Ltr Undercounter Fridge 1 Glass Door External White
Model: KG210-LG
Grade A
Finish - external White

£553 +VAT

Under counter fridge
| Ref #: cd13db60419b
Gram - 125Ltr Compact Undercounter Freezer Stainless Steel
Model: K210-RG
Grade A
Finish - external Stainless Steel

£639 +VAT

Compact under counter freezer
| Ref #: 79607bb8b8b7
Gram - 125Ltr Undercounter Freezer Stainless Steel
Model: F210-RG-3W
Grade B
Finish - external Stainless Steel

£561 +VAT

Undercounter counter freezer for sale
| Ref #: 09991bf532a4
Gram - 125Ltr Undercounter Freezer External White
Model: F210-LG-3W
Grade A

£553 +VAT

Under counter freezer for sale
| Ref #: d2b30781c898

Hoshizaki Storage Bin - London

Price: £1526 +VAT
Storage bin for sale
Model: B-801SA
Grade C
Supplier Model Number B-801SA
Warranty 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour

£1526 +VAT

Storage bin for sale
| Ref #: a9d0ae84b839

Hoshizaki Ice Crusher - London

Price: £552 +VAT
Ice crusher for sale
Hoshizaki Ice Crusher
Model: N53
Grade A
Electrical Supply 220-240V

£552 +VAT

Ice crusher for sale
| Ref #: 58f317ac35af

Hoshizaki Ice Crusher - London

Price: £1037 +VAT
Ice crusher for sale
Hoshizaki Ice Crusher
Model: C105
Grade B

£1037 +VAT

Ice crusher for sale
| Ref #: a68cbab1e4b8
Limited offer only whilst stock last !!
Square plate (281g) 11.3/8" 29 cm
Xl large dinner plate or medium sized platter
Factory list price £14.56
Net £5.30 each
Min order 50 pc only

£5.30 +VAT

duson plate
| Ref #: c2f05e7fa6cb
Code : 286p plain white
Dudson fine china precision deep plate / pasta plate
11.3/4" 29.7cm And the well size 6"
List price £12.77

£4.99 +VAT

Dudson fine china precision deep plate / pasta plate
| Ref #: 5e0fcb5ef3a5

500x Dudson Seconds Mugs - London

Price: £1.20 +VAT
500x Dudson Seconds Mugs for sale
These mugs are heavy duty and are for the catering industry
They are all hand selected Dudson seconds and brand new..
Warehouse clearance price
65% off .......

£1.20 +VAT

500x Dudson Seconds Mugs for sale
| Ref #: 0b2cf4845778

Dudson Aspen Crockery - London

Price: £2000 +VAT
Aspen crockery
Aspen crockery
All new, seconds crockery we have approx. 1080pc in stock ready for dispatch
6"1/4 @ £0.80 each - 7"@£0.85, 8"@£1.10 - 9"@£1.35 - 10"3/4 @ £2.50
Hotel ware crockery - Heavy duty

£2000 +VAT

Aspen crockery
| Ref #: 8f90d78e11ff
This powerful contact grill will really suit the discerning coffee shop and café. The fully adjustable spring and counter balanced top plate will help prevent food being crushed by the weight of the top plate and is fitted with armoured heating elements for perfect heat distribution.

£299 £200 +VAT

Used panini grill for sale
| Ref #: 99ce35988e7c
The simple design of the 400CFG gives you greater mobility without sacrifising performance.
Specially designed with 8 point star shaped burners to distribute heat evenly, essential when making the perfect crepe.
The hard enamelled cast iron plates make delicious, moist, golden pancakes but also chapatti, blini etc.

£425 +VAT

Gas crepe machine for sale
| Ref #: 891dd4eb0abe
The sturdy clean design of the 400CSG gives the perfect front of house platform for crepes, pancakes, chapatti, blini etc. but also for other menu items, griddled eggs for example. The key to the great performance of the 400CSG is the specially designed 8 point star shaped burner positioned directly under the plate to distribute the heat evenly, essential when making the perfect crepe.

£499 +VAT

Gas crepe machine for sale
| Ref #: 0a9833b57eb2

Drop In Fridge - London

Price: £700 +VAT
Drop in fridge for sale
Condition: Immaculate
Recently Serviced
Self evaporation
Note: The Surrounding is not included.

£700 +VAT

Drop in fridge for sale
| Ref #: 0fcd016c9633

Marble Top Cupboard - London

Price: £100 +VAT
Marble top cupboard
Condition: Used
Price: £100 + VAT

£100 +VAT

Marble top cupboard
| Ref #: ddfe8c51f10e
The Dual TF DBC Resource Center is designed to provide you with a multitude of resources targeting the Dual TF DBC coffee brewer.

£600 +VAT

Commercial coffee brewer for sale
| Ref #: e8a6bdcf1817
Two door fridge with gantry shelves
Condition: Used

£450 +VAT

Two door fridge for sale
| Ref #: dadd8e086446
  • Hotel ware very durable
  • Oven proof
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Microwave save
  • Grill safe
  • Direct on to flame safe
Old warehouse stock *** Clearance ***
All new & boxed
List price £4.95 - Now £1.25 each Grab a bargain

£1.25 +VAT

2000x 9" Dudson Best Plates
| Ref #: 15e88c078a99
The RD60T perfectly presents your chilled gateaux pastries etc in this illuminated stylish cabinet. Stainless Steel construction with double glazed panels and doors supplied with 4 glass shelves and 1 mirror shelf.
Features: electronic thermostat with auto defrost programme carrousel stops automatically on door opening interior illumination.

£650 +VAT

refrigerated display unit
| Ref #: 1e31ca2038cd
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