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Excellent one off exhibition stand which can be used for a range of activities, Trade Shows, indoor, outdoor.
Very Quick & Easy to construct & take down, no complicated tools required apart from 1 Allen key.
Solid metal Steel pipe construction ensured repeated use and robustness.
This complete Stand also comes with a 3meter Lighting Tree, which has 8 Halogen lamps for full Pin spot illumination of the stand. This Lighting Tree is made up of a Heavy round Base plate, 3 meter Steel Tube and Top lighting section, all cables have been pre-made into the poles etc.
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£575 +VAT ono

Exhibition Stand
| Ref #: 27482f6af8d6

Sold Marler Hayley Exhibition Boards - Mersyside

Price: £300 £270 +VAT ono
Marler Hayley exhibition display with desk
Marler Hayley poster display and product display boards including product display desk complete with protection carrying cases.

A professional display system for exhibitions and fairs in good condition.

Movable wings allow flexibility size adjustment from 4' wide to 8' wide and it is 7' high.

Can be displayed as all green or green and yellow with reversible joining panels as per photograph.

£300 £270 +VAT ono

Marler Hayley exhibition display with desk
| Ref #: 659446d60eb6
Manufactured by Expo Floors, Walsall

50cm x 100cm decks
Top is 18mm Plywood
Aluminium frame base
Aluminium screw-in legs


£1 +VAT

Expo Floor Exhibition - Display Flooring System
| Ref #: 326892553e69
3x3 Pop Up kit with black velcro-compatible panels, x2 lights, and a portable display case with wheels that fits in the boot of your car.
Assembles in 10 minutes (lights may need a bit of TLC). This really is a dream to set up and take down, and it's appropriate for use at either a professional trade fair or your local school's Christmas market. I've used it at both and it's fabulous.
Simply attach male velcro strips to the back of your pictures or graphics and up they go. I hope you'll enjoy the youtube link provided here which shows just how easy this is to assemble (please note, my kit does not have the 'endcap' panels or the 'sinatra panel' with the extra piece of velcro to create a table).
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£125 VAT Free

3x3 Pop Up kit
| Ref #: f3016bac77a2
Board size 120mm x 28mm £6 per sq. metre

Treated timber bearers 100mm x 45mm 70p per metre

Can deliver up to 4000 sq metres available mostly 5 metre lengths with various under sizes

Used once for short outdoor event
Pressure Treated Timber Decking - Swindon, Wiltshire
| Ref #: b40bb7d15a5f
CLiP Exhibition Display Stands - JOB LOT - Over 40 panels with table tops and spotlights
Price: £500 ONO for all but willing to split
CLiP brand panel and pole exhibition display stand
Similar quantity would retail at well over £5000 when new
Mixture of Red and Black or Maroon and Grey panels
Flexible, modular system can build a variety of different stand designs
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£500 ono VAT Free

CLiP Exhibition Display Stands
| Ref #: 886d2b8f8ca4
Gantry system with custom lighting and brochure racks.
Fantastic system that makes a real impact at exhibitions, with loads of space for promotional panels and products. Sturdy enough to hold a flat-screen TV and includes the mounting bracket we made.
It can be configured at two common exhibition space sizes: 3m x 2m or 4m x 3.5m. It has a maximum height of 2.85m.
We bought it in 2010 at a cost of over £6,500 and it’s still in great condition.
The only reason for selling is our lack of storage space.
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£1500 +VAT ono

Exhibition Gantry System
| Ref #: b5fcaaa5e7e7
  • 16 boards - 120cm x 180cm
  • 15 boards - 120cm x 210cm
Come with poles bases but does not come with plastic connector clips. This can however be bought separately.
These have seen a lot of action in the past but will serve the purpose when covered.
£20 for the Lot including all poles and bases
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£20 +VAT

Poster Boards Plus poles and Bases
| Ref #: cb85adcd8287
Self-build exhibition stand. 6 x 3m.
Comes with Ikea floating shelves, down lights, wiring, transformers and lower ground shelf, which is used to hold the walls vertical and hide all the electrics underneath.
Meets all exhibition fire and safety regulations and requirements.
All fits inside a transit size van.
Once up and painted looks great.
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£750 ono VAT Free

Self Build Modular Exhibition Stand
| Ref #: b80934159966

Sold Clip Display Panels - Lincolnshire

Price: £5000 +VAT ono
Clip Display Panels
A large quantity of Clip Display panels in various sizes. Pictures below of how some of the panels can be used as stands.

Value as new of over £28,000.00.

This is ex-hire stock from an exhibition company.

Comes with connecting poles.

Wheeled carry cases are also included in this sale.

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£5000 +VAT ono

Clip Display Panels
| Ref #: 949f1e97dcf3

Sold Used Exhibition Stand - Lincolnshire

Price: £300 ono VAT Free
Used Exhibition Stand
A custom made solid exhibition stand suitable for a 6m x 6m space open on 3 sides.


  • 2 x Solid tables in beech veneer with cable management holes and drawers
  • 1 x Coffee station in White and Blue
  • 1 x Reception counter in White and Blue
  • 2 x Perspex deviders with white frames
  • 1 x Free standing wall suitable for 42" TV (Not included)
  • 1 x Arch with front hole for a 42" TV
Back stock walls, door and floor are not available, nor are the screens or furniture.

Other items are available - details on request

£300 ono VAT Free

Used Exhibition Stand
| Ref #: 68121d8f0bd6
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